To All Investment Novices: Investing in Array is Better than Reading A Dog Called Money

Investing is an essential way to achieve financial freedom, and financial literacy is the most critical step in practicing good financial behavior. For ordinary people, if they work their entire lives without a financial mindset and the ability to make money work for them, their descendants will follow in their path and live at the bottom of society, without access to wealth.

In A Dog Called Money, which is known as “the must-read book for financial enlightenment,” the famous financial author Bodo Schäfer emphasizes the importance of prudent investing and financial freedom. The book argues that investment should be stable, and investors need to understand different types of investments and investment products, and choose suitable investment portfolios to obtain stable returns. Financial freedom is a goal that everyone should pursue. Only with financial freedom can we truly enjoy life, rather than being bound by money.

Undeniably, A Dog Called Money provides a good perspective on financial enlightenment, but relying solely on this basic knowledge is not enough to put investment into practice. In fact, in the context of wealth disparity and unequal resources, it is extremely difficult for ordinary people to achieve high returns on their own. Therefore, we urgently need to find a trustworthy investment platform to help us achieve our goal of financial freedom as ordinary people.

At this point, you may wonder: is there really a reliable and high-yield investment platform in the world? The answer is very positive. We often think that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world, but in fact, it is all due to information asymmetry.

Next, let’s use Array as an example to explain in detail and provide another investment logic for ordinary people to achieve financial freedom.

Full Transparency – Fund Safety

For finance novices, nothing is more important than stable assets that do not shrink, and funds that do not run away. Many people are very cautious when they start investing, afraid that their hard-earned money will go down the drain. Therefore, finding a safe and secure platform is the first and most important step for novice investors to enter the financial world. Array is such a platform that is very suitable for financial novices because it provides the safest investment method – 90% of the platform’s funds are injected into underlying contracts for support, which stabilizes the currency price and ensures it never falls through. In addition, 10% of the funds are injected into the liquidity pool for market circulation, and the price has no ceiling. All trading operations are conducted on the chain, open, transparent, and completely open-source, ensuring the transparency and security of the investment process and guaranteeing the most important issue of fund safety that investors are most concerned about.

Intelligent System – User-Friendly

Introducing Array’s AI-powered investment method, an intelligent system designed with user-friendly operation for financial novices and ordinary people alike. Even those who occasionally make a decent amount of capital through good luck may struggle with making informed investment decisions due to a lack of financial literacy and immature investment strategies. Hiring a financial manager can be a cost-prohibitive affair, but with Array’s smart contract and Array-Go, you can invest without complex operations and still achieve sound investment decisions.

Array-Go is a complete artificial intelligence system that uses big data learning, analysis, and prediction of user behavior to generate smart investment strategies. Its algorithms are completely driven by market behavior, and it is not controlled by any human or institution. For instance, if an investor plans to purchase a large amount of $ARA, Array-Go will intelligently buy the token in batches at the optimal price based on its understanding of previous market behavior and predictions of future market trends, maximizing returns for the holder.

With Array-Go’s AI investment analysis and predictions, investors no longer need to monitor K-line charts all day or calculate when to buy and sell. Array-Go provides the most intelligent, stable, and reassuring way to protect your investment. Say goodbye to complicated investment operations and hello to Array’s AI-powered investment method.

Tokenomics – Long-term High Returns

Investment and wealth management aim for passive income, where money earns money with high returns, right? By purchasing $ARA through artificial intelligence, investors not only earn 36% annualized staking rewards, but also automatically mint $USDR. Due to the 4:1 staking relationship, every 5% of $USDR spent will lock up 20% of $ARA, thus pushing up the price of $ARA. This contract relationship ensures the overall stability and growth of the $ARA price. This reasonable economic model and mechanism guarantee the safety of investors’ funds and long-term returns.

In summary, for novice investors, Array is undoubtedly a stable and high-yield product worth holding for the long term. Its secure, intelligent, and stable investment style can maximize the investment returns of ordinary people, which is in line with the financial concepts advocated by “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. As an ordinary investor, if you want to achieve financial freedom and cross the class divide, Array is definitely your best choice.