Second round public performance of iQIYI”Youth With You 2″ arose audience burst,the new list reshuffles

Recently,second round public performance of iQIYI”Youth With You 2″ has aired and released new ranking. The 1st to 9th are totally different from the latest ranking. Yuxin Liu is top on the list. Sui Qi beats out the others for second place with Yixuan Duan and Xiaowei Duan successfully achieve counterattack in third and fourth position.

The second round public performance of”Youth With You 2″ is highly competitive. A glamorous side somersault from Xiaotang Zhao totally set off the audience. Keyin Xie’s knee sliding rap shimmers with great charm. The”Youth With You 2″ is becoming more and more popular, and related topics have arose heated discussion on Twitter and other social media. The show has frequently hit top ranking on global and Southeast Asia twitter tendency.

The group portrait of young diverse girls built by iQIYI “Youth With You 2” is a spiritual outlook epitome of modern Chinese youth. Instead of practicing the mainstream aesthetic of beauty first, the show leads female aesthetic into diversification, and presents a new cultural core of personality, hard working, optimism and confidence from the new generation of Chinese girls, which reaches a spiritual consensus with young people from worldwide.

In fact, there are many female topics in latest iQIYI movies,television plays and variety shows. For example, “Story of Yanxi Palace”, “Love and Destiny”and many other works have receive high praise from Southeast Asia region and the exploration of young female affection and life has resonate with worldwide young people. After all, the reason why the works can break the country and cultural boundaries is that the value behind the works is highly consistent with the values of contemporary youth, which strongly proves that iQIYI is leading young people’s cultural trends. In the future, with the increasing acceptance of Chinese television plays and variety shows in worldwide, iQIYI’s global influence will further expand.