GAME78 joins hands with three popular games to shine at 2024 ChinaJoy

CHENGDU, CHINA, July 1, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – At the 2024 ChinaJoy-Game Connection INDIE GAME exhibition area event to be held from July 26 to 28, GAME78, a subsidiary of, announced that it will bring three of its platform’s highly anticipated games – Goku&Sea, Forest Dance and Slots777, to this international gaming feast.

As a world-renowned game B2B exhibition, Game Connection has cooperated with ChinaJoy for three consecutive years and set up a special INDIE GAME business zone. This year’s exhibition area is unprecedentedly large, nearly 800 square meters, with more than 100 booths. It is expected to attract 40,000 professional visitors, including independent developers, studios, publishers, investors, media and service providers, building a comprehensive game business exchange platform.

GAME78 Exhibition Highlights: Future Star of Gaming Ecosystem

As the main body of this exhibition, GAME78 casual game network platform ( is gradually becoming the focus of the game industry with its professional service system, huge user base and multi-platform coverage capabilities.

GAME78 supports online competition, with diverse games and a large number of experts, challenging the limits of wisdom and luck. It has attracted countless experts to compete on the same stage and challenge the official rankings. The multi-level game room is suitable for players of all levels. It not only integrates humanized operation, rich rule system, and exciting and varied gameplay, but also constantly introduces heavyweight IPs to meet the needs of different player groups. Features of the platform include:

  • Humanized operation settings: equipped with super-intelligent assistance system, intelligent recognition of account information, and seamless login;
  • Deep immersive design: multi-level mechanism architecture, step by step, stimulates players’ desire to explore;
  • Diversified gameplay skills: The game is divided into novice, intermediate and advanced fields. Advance to unlock new competitive chapters;
  • Good user experience: The interface design is exquisite and delicate, and the animation effects are smooth and vivid, creating an immersive gaming atmosphere;
  • Social and competitive: free strategies, real-time ranking updates, and the dual fun of social interaction and strategic competition;
  • Personalized achievement display: Highlight moments and official ranking dynamic reports make every victory the focus of the whole server.

At present, the GAME78 casual game network platform has been launched on IOS, Android, and PC multiple application platforms, and is committed to creating a full-dimensional gaming ecosystem that integrates leisure, competition, and social interaction.

Three masterpieces: Reshaping the gaming experience

The three main games that will be unveiled together with the GAME78 casual game network platform – Goku&Sea, Forset Dance, and Slots777, will bring a brand new experience to the players at the exhibition site.

As a classic casual competitive fishing game, Goku&Sea has successfully attracted tens of millions of registered players since its launch. This game retains the traditional classic arcade fishing gameplay and creates an underwater world for multiplayer online interaction. The game features a variety of exquisite scenes and many mysterious underwater creatures, coupled with exciting elements such as full-screen bombs, bringing players a continuous surprise experience. In particular, the game innovatively introduces the iconic character Sun Wukong from the Chinese classical literary masterpiece “Journey to the West” as the ultimate challenge target, and selects classic melodies from film and television dramas as background music, which greatly enhances the sense of immersion and cultural atmosphere, making each game an audio-visual feast.

Forset Dance, with its unique charm, leads players into a unique outdoor adventure. With its gorgeous visual effects, dynamic background music and rich promotion mechanisms, the game creates a cheerful and challenging virtual stage for participants. The core mechanism of the game is carefully designed, with four colors, three animals and three combinations, and a variety of gameplay techniques. Each game is limited to a tight rhythm of 25 to 30 seconds, requiring players to quickly build strategies and make decisions in order to win with the selected animals and colors. This innovative gameplay structure, combined with the different multiplier settings of animals such as lions, pandas, rabbits and monkeys, adds infinite fun and strategic depth.

Slots777 will also bring a feast of integration of traditional culture and modern games. The game is known for its high-quality visual effects and smooth operating experience. It especially incorporates many traditional Chinese themes, such as “Water Margin”, “Journey to the West”, Nine-tailed Fox and Face Changing Art, etc., providing a variety of slot machine styles, with vivid graphics and varied gameplay. Realistic spinning experience. As the game progresses, players will have the opportunity to unlock more surprises and enjoy the fun of accumulating victories. This is not only a test of luck, but also a challenge to players’ insight and decision-making ability. Creating a tourism ecosystem and seeking common development

It is reported that GAME78 casual game online platform is one of the main products of

Chengdu ZhuyueWang Technology Co., Ltd., as a leader in the field of domestic game development, has long been deeply engaged in the development and service of network information technology and game software. Since its establishment, it has continuously launched works that are loved by players by virtue of its accurate grasp of mobile Internet trends and deep understanding of the game market.

During this exhibition, will not only showcase the charm of its GAME78, but will also seek to establish connections with partners in the global gaming industry to jointly explore new development opportunities.

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